Mr. Hoffman is the President of Chia Network, a serial entrepreneur, and a former public company CEO. He has built and sold three companies to PGP, Inc., Vivendi-Universal, and Amdocs. From 2003 to 2016 he was co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Vindicia, a consumer subscription infrastructure company sold to Amdocs in 2016. From 2017 to 2019 he was an advisor to the board of Chia Network until he joined the Company full time in August of 2019.

He has been a board member at eight different technology and energy companies and serves on two non-profit boards, one of which he co-founded. He has 21 years of working in high compliance security environments with 12 years of managing PCI and SSAE-16 compliance for the storage of 220,000,000 credit cards. Hoffman has built and scaled companies in enterprise software and SaaS, consumer subscriptions, cryptography, and software development. He has raised over $150,000,000 in public and private markets, acquired four companies and sold three.

In 1997, he helped end US export controls on cryptography while at PGP, Inc. by personally exporting the PGP Source Code book.

Hoffman is co-inventor on several patents and is currently an Advisor at Apomaya, Directly, and Iris.tv.